Friday 29 March 2013

Friday Book Review: Otter Chaos! by Michael Broad

Otter Chaos! by Michael Broad
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed sharing this with my son at bedtimes. Its a simple story about the conflict between 2 otters that dates back to their youth so that they still hate each other when they are grandfathers.

Each otter has his own family (the Blacks and the Browns) with 3 generations all needing a new home. The 2 youngest otters in each family are best friends so they are very upset to learn of the family feud. Things get worse when both families claim the same new home as theirs.

As the grandfathers used to be boxers as young otters they decide that the 2 families must compete against each other in varying competitions to see which family deserves to win the nice big home. It is only the 2 mother otters that take a back seat on this and build up a friendship whilst observing their families antics.

The characters of each of the otters are well created so that they are all individuals. The question is can the young otters friendship survive the contest? And which family will be made homeless at the end of the day?

A good book for confident young readers or to share as there are just enough illustrations and the story keeps you going.

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