Saturday 2 March 2013

A chilly trip to the park

It has seemed spring like in Cumbria this week so we have made the most of it and managed our first after school visit to the village playground. Fortified with a picnic of cheesy pasta the children made the most of having the park to themselves (the sensible families had already gone in for tea!)

It was definitely a lovely feeling for the children to be out enjoying the playground and having so much fun in the fresh air:

Having the equipment to themselves meant they could swing as high as they liked:

Just as long as they kept moving they had fun, it was a wee bit chilly if they stood still:

My daughter even wanted to dip her toes in the river but I drew the line at that in February!

If you didn't see my post on Wednesday this is the best way my daughter found to keep warm:

So there is no such thing as the wrong weather for being outside having fun just keep active and wrap up when required! Please join in:

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. As you say as long as you are wrapped up it's great to get out and have fun. Love the Gangnam style dancing.

  2. Great fun, just keep running! x

  3. I love going to the park when we are the only ones there, looks like they had fun!

    Over from Country Kids.


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