Monday 18 March 2013

Couch to 5 k Progress Report

Well I am now nearly through week 6 of my NHS choices couch to 5 k podcasts. They are really well put together to teach complete novices how to run. There is just enough talking for instruction and motivation with plenty of music to keep you going.

It now seems a long time since week 1 when I found the 60 second runs far too easy! Over the last 2 weeks the podcasts have had me doing things like a 20 minute continuous run or today two lots of 10 minutes. It doesn't even feel all that tough - except when battling against rain or cold winds...

I am now a familiar sight trotting around the roads and paths in Staveley in my luminous pink jacket! There is nearly always someone I know to encourage me on with a comment or even a beep on the horn. The fact I can record and share my progress on MapMyRun and I can see what I have done helps a lot too:

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRun

The village itself has plenty of beautiful views to inspire me with too. Its just such a shame that when I'm running I can't stop to take a photo... However when I'm on my warm up and cool down legs (or on the now redundant recovery section) I am only walking briskly and can snatch a few photos like these as I go:

Martins Bank 
Staveley Wood Turning Weir

St Margaret's Tower

St James' churchyard

View from Miles without Stiles bridge
I do have to remember that my goal from all this (apart from getting fit) is to raise £100 or more for CancerCare. Here's hoping that by May 18th I can complete the 10k Star Walk run and do my sponsors proud!

If any fitness and sports companies want to help me achieve my goal in return for an advert and plenty of mentions then follow the links up the top to e-mail me or find me on social media!

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  1. Go for it Becky! You are over the hardest bit now (week 5, eurgh). You will feel so much fitter by the end. I have just finished C25K and am now working on getting better at running for 30 minutes. This is my most recent post about it, hope you can relate


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