Friday 25 August 2017

#FitnessFriday A Step in the Right Direction

So its time to see how I have done since last Friday when I committed to losing the weight  had put back on and running more! First up how is the 1000 km challenge going:

So that's another 25 km achieved and I am now only 119 km behind instead 122. I can still do this as I had worked out I needed to run 3.67 km a day for the rest of the year so with a few longer runs to make up for missed days I will earn that medal...

What about the rest of my fitness plan?

1) Diet

I have been increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in my diet as I wasn't hitting the 5 day. Have to admit its probably more fruit than veg though... This week I also ate oily fish a few times at lunch with both tuna and smoked salmon as I know I have been missing out on this type of food. A good lunch looked like this:

As I am no longer on holiday just not in school I am getting back into sensible drinking habits of trying to not drink alcohol on what would be a school night. What is letting me down still are the cakes and nibbles that are around when at home all day as with a child who is a bottomless pit we have lots of carbohydrates in the house!

2) Exercise

I have been back doing the interval running as my stamina had gone. This means that I have been able to be back to 5 km again. Some of my runs have gained me segment PRs on Strava so I must be getting a lot fitter. I certainly look like I am glowing when I finish:

I am mixing up the runs so a) I don't get bored b) I mix surfaces which is better for my joints. This was me back on the cross country style route which does include a range of stiles:

Pokemon Go is still helping to keep the step count up. On Sunday we walked 8.5 km just playing the game! On only 2 days this week have I not hit my 10,000 step goal. One was due to the Stone Skimming and on the other I was only 495 steps short...

Not only have I worked on all this but I realised that I had been neglecting my skin! All of this outdoor activity isn't that good for what is middle aged skin... so I have started trying to remember to moisturise and take good care of my body from the outside as well as the inside.

Well with all of that how did the scales measure up? All of a measly 1 lb off! Well its a start and I am sure I will get back on track as I carry on. Watch this space...


  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona)26 August 2017 at 17:09

    What an awesome day out for you all, it can be difficult ticking the boxes for 3 generations in one day but you managed it wonderfully! The dog poo bag bins is such a clever idea, they should definitely consider fitting these along the coast path. You managed to cover so much in one day I'm impressed, with such interesting trips too!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  2. we like to pack things in whilst somewhere new!

  3. You must have been shattered, that was a full on day with loads going on. I love the name of the Truffle fairy and I think my kids would enjoy going on the ship. Mich x #CountryKids

  4. I like a full day! It's a great spot for a family holiday.

  5. Elaine Livingstone30 August 2017 at 17:56

    It is difficult to keep the generations happy, I use to find it hard enough with a 10 yr span between oldest and youngest children, could guarantee somebody would moan.
    Seems like a fun full on day and the no smoking sign is a great idea.
    Have to say our streets are littered with dog poo and rubbish, did notice when we were on Mull for a holiday earlier in the year just how clean and tidy it all was. #countrykids

  6. Wow you had a great time! Full on fun, but looks fantastic. I like the signs for people to follow!


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