Friday 27 July 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful: Cakes, Butterflies and Coming Last! #R2BC #BeMoreWitWitWoo

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

I am day late joining in with Michelle as we were out all day yesterday at Ambleside Sports! That will be a video and a blogpost so watch this space... Meanwhile here are this week's reasons:

1) Home Baking

Sometimes its the simplest things that make us happy. I love rustling up a simple batch of cupcakes using our tried and tested recipe. This time I used butter and they were so tasty they were gone in a day:

2) Butterflies

I am so pleased with my bee and butterfly friendly garden. Seeing these beautiful creatures flitting about is a delight to behold. There have been a few varieties too as I tracked for the Butterfly Count:

3) Guinea Pigs

As I am constantly putting the boys out on the grass I am enjoying spending more time with them. This time it was Splodge who posed beautifully:

4) Outdoor Theatre

I had a lovely evening just with my daughter at Williamson Park for the Duke's Theatre promenade production of The Three Musketeers. Plenty of laughs as well as sword fights with some stunning backdrops:

5) Being more Wit Wit Woo

I was blown away by the likes and comments when I joined with Swim Suit Saturday to celebrate the life of Kate Sutton:

I embraced this attitude by actually taking part in the mums' race yesterday. I knew I would be last but just went for it... and yes I was about a metre behind everyone else. My celebration was probably a prize winner though! And look I got this as an award for taking part:


  1. I admire your courage in doing the swimsuit challenge - although you look great in yours. The butterfly on that flower looks like a picture of a roaring monster or a Chinese dragon. It took me a while to see the butterfly. Have a good weekend. xxx

  2. I baked this week too, purely for therapeutic reasons of course and your cup cakes turned out a bit better than mine! Well done for taking part in the Mum's race and even more so for taking part in Swimsuit Saturday - you look fantastic, so confident and proud!

  3. Well done you for just getting involved with the race and seeing everyone be more witwitwoo has been so inspirational. Mich x


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