Wednesday 25 July 2018

Wednesday Top Tip: Parking in a new place

When visiting a new town or city and parking in the streets it can be hard to remember where you put your car. There was a story in recent months about a lady who lost her car for several weeks as she forgot where she had parked it... My simple solution is to photograph the street name so that you can check it when you need to get back to your car. You can even then just type it into Google Maps and i will tell you how to get there! It works in big car parks too as you can just photograph the floor/bay numbers for easy reference (maybe even the name of the car park if you are as scatterbrained as me...):

Do you have any useful parking tips when visiting places?


  1. Laura Brittain25 July 2018 at 15:34

    Ooh I haven't! I have no idea on which butterfly is which but I feel that I will be learning soon as J loves butterflies. We had one in our last house which used to land on us all it was very friendly. J has stroked a couple of butterflies too.

  2. Sophie Louise Buckle25 July 2018 at 16:44

    I absolutely love butterflies and bumblebees but we rarely see them in our garden I keep buying plants and things to encourage them though.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, I love this part of my garden where I can sit and watch the butterfiles and bees x

  4. I hadn't heard about the butterfly count! My kids would love this! X


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