Wednesday 10 February 2010

Should I stay or should I go now?

Well I know that I have to leave my home of the last 7 years but the question is to where?

I have 2 options 1) stay in Hastings area or 2) move up to nearer my parents in Cumbria with either option I have to find a suitable rental property that doesn't have the horrible phrase regrettably no DSS or even I have seen no children.

Since my mum seriously raised the second option on Friday I have been weighing up the pros and cons of moving my family 400 miles away...


  1. I will be close to my parents, grandparents, and an aunt & uncle
  2. My kids will grow up in a less deprived area of the country
  3. I will be able to make use of free babysitting due to 1.
  4. My kids will have regular, easy contact with close male relatives
  5. If I want to retrain as a teacher there will be more support
  6. It will be a fresh start for us all
  7. I can take my Usborne business anywhere
  1. My kids were born in Hastings and have never lived anywhere else
  2. My daughter is at a fantastic school of only 70 kids and has lots of friends there
  3. My son has some strong friendships at his nursery which he has been at for 3 years
  4. We have a fabulous church that has been a real rock in the current troubles
  5. I have some lovely friends that I have made at work & through my kids and the church
  6. I have school contacts for helping me get a GTP or school experience
  7. For my Usborne books I have the base for really getting it going now I have the time

At the moment I am definitely swinging towards the moving to Cumbria. Gently building up to possible move with my daughter as I think my son will be happy as long as he is with mummy and can see his favourite man Gramps


  1. Seems to me your pros far outweigh your cons!

  2. Such a tough decision to make. It's always good to have family nearby though.
    Funny, I'm having a similar dilemma but the move would be a lot less than that. When children are involved you have to do what's best for them but I also believe that you have to think of yourself too. Good luck with it.

  3. I realise you're in a position where short-term goals are very important, but if you think in a 2 or 3 year timeline I think you're best served by moving unless there's something that absolutely anchors you to Hastings

  4. Becky,

    It's a difficult decision but I think you've analyzed the pros and cons very well.

    I don't want to influence you other than to say I think the overwhelming factor in coming to your decison should be yours and the children's long term happiness and welfare. I'm sure you will make the decision based on that.

    We'd love to come and see you wherever you are!


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