Wednesday 17 February 2010

Taking the Spark People Pledge

OK so I've done the extreme dieting thing LighterLife lost 5.5 stone but failed to keep it all off as fell back in old habits. Done the sensible ones like Weight Watchers a couple of times some very successful but put off by the reaction you get when you don't lose weight. Using Slim Fast just leaves me hungry and can't go for long enough to lose more than 7 lbs.

So now I'm going to try and make slow & steady lifestyle changes using the Spark People's 28 day programme. Basic premiss is that you start by making 3 small Fast Break goals (1 nutritional, 1 fitness & 1 motivational) for the first 2 weeks. These will be the building blocks for bigger changes later! I bought the book off Amazon that accompanies the programme to make it easier to follow.

So here are my pledges for week 1 for at least 5 days out of 7:

  1. to eat 5 fruit / veggies a day as I haven't been good at this!
  2. to fit in 10 mins of cardio exercise a day
  3. to keep a journal of how it's going!
I've set a short term goal of losing the muffin top, medium term to fit all my size 14 clothes properly and long term to keep it that way! Let's see how it goes....


  1. Good luck with it, I'm finding it so hard to get motivated. Wine seems to be my downfall at the moment! keep us updated how it's going.

  2. Wine is a big downfall for me at the minute. Need to swap my evening glass with a session on the Wii or something! Just hoping by taking those 3 small steps it will all add up... why don't you try it? It's free to just use the web site?

  3. good luck with it. alcohol and biscuits are my biggest down falls


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