Tuesday 23 February 2010

Is it is safe to come back on my blog yet?

All this flaming has made this an interesting if vitriolic blog! Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon if people take heed of what I put:

If people don't like my blog stay off it 

I will stick to posting banal comments about pee, poo & the joys of single motherhood and hope I can make some of you smile....


  1. well, i have no idea what all that was about but having a quick read through your comments was quite entertaining. sorry you had to endure it on your blog though.

  2. it was entertaining and educational but highly unnecessary. Let's hope they now leave me in peace...

  3. The perverse thing was that no-one else was insulting, denegrating or liabling (sic) the individuals involved but by their own comments they gave an awful lot of people cause not to think very highly of them. Foist by ones own petard methinks.

  4. Hi Becky,
    I don't know the backstory, but read your writing prompt bit today and noticed the comments from previous posts.
    We have a very similar situation in our family (my brother) and I know how darn frustrating it can be when you can't say anything on facebook or whatnot without people commenting on your comments.
    Hopefully you will just be left alone now.
    Wanted to let you know I sympathise and if you've already reported them to the police I'd go ahead and just erase the comments and any future ones they post - maybe they'll eventually see how useless it all is.

  5. Good for you, you are strong and should be proud of that.x


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