Sunday 21 February 2010

Career decision making aged 6..

my daughter and I had one of those slightly bizarre conversations you can have with a young child today. She had been talking about 1666 and saying that 1566 & 1466 were also bad years..

Me: What will it be like in 2066? How old will you be? take 56 and add 6
E: 56.... no 62. Will I be a granny?
Me: You could be depends on when you have children
E: 30 seems a popular age to be a mummy, I don't want to work just be a mummy so I might be younger
Me: well you can have a job whilst waiting to be a mummy
E: what jobs would be good to do whilst pregnant?:

  • artist - good as you can sit around all day
  • policeman - no good as you have work night's
  • midwife - bit scary helping other people have babies when you are pregnant
  • chemist - good as you just have to give out medicines all day
  • teacher - you can sit down all lot and just give out number work
think she seemed to believe artist would be the best option!

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  1. ha ha, love this. i love the stuff they come out with sometimes.


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