Sunday 8 July 2018

Langdale Gala 2018

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On the first Sunday of July its the Langdale Gala at Chapel Stile which is a traditional Cumbrian event. The weather wasn't typical when we arrived:

After signing in for the fell race the first event my son took part in was the school's Cumberland & Westmorland wrestling. There was a little mix up when he wasn't in the draw for the juniors but after I'd pointed this out he ended up winning and getting £5! This was a friend's son in his first ever bout as an under 15:

The flat races then started with traditional events such as sack, sprint and egg & spoon races. My son was in the sack race:

 and then I had to head up onto the fell side for the fell races:

Due to the heat all the juniors took the lower level route. There were some disappointed teenagers that they had to only do the under 13 route:

I had time to appreciate the view whilst setting up for the first race:

Whilst I was up there my son went in to the open wrestling competition an came up against one of the highly trained wrestlers who eventually came 3rd:

There was some fast and furious racing from the juniors despite the heat! This was my son setting off and coming back in:

With the older juniors combined into one race due to numbers it wasn't long before I had to relocate to the seniors course:

I have to say this was tough enough to get up walking (although I was carrying camera equipment):

I didn't have all that long sitting at this point waiting for the runners:

Once they all passed I went back down and only just made it before the first runner, Matt Elkington, came in to break the course record:

All the runners were grateful for the fire brigade hosing them down:

After the fell race there was a wife carrying race. You could tell the ones that have been practising all year!

My son and I then took part in the egg throwing competition. We made it to the final (I was the last mum!) but then our egg smashed on his shoulder... The final competition was the beard competition:

Here is a video showing more of the day:

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