Sunday 15 June 2014

#Juneathon day 15 - better than nowt!

The thing about this Juneathon challenge is it makes you get creative with squeezing in exercise! Today was never going to be a good one for fitting in a lot as it was church then a lunch party... However I was determined to do something! 

So when I had to nip to the cash point I jogged instead of walking (the fact it was raining was an impetus). Turned out this only added up to 0.5 km of running on my iPhone app. This was deemed too pathetic to be my final result, but how to do more?

Next up the library dash... If you use the car park for less than 10 minutes its free - a great incentive to run to the library and back to return some DVDs... I made it back in under the time but only clocked another 300m of running.

One final chance at Asda. I parked as far from the entrance as possible then jogged across the car park to get in to do my shopping. A jog back would surely make it to 1km? No such luck the app didn't add any of this to my total for the day...


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