Saturday 7 June 2014

#Juneathon day 7 #GrasmereGallop

Today's big run 5.7km against the clock and 99 other entrants for the 2014 Grasmere Gallop fun run!

I will up date with proper finish times and photographs later as there isn't time today... My 7 year old running his first event longer than 1 mile so it will be interesting to see how it compares to the 41 minutes I did it in 2013 when it was my first ever serious race:

Back online with my results! It was wet, wet, wet and my son had to find some awesome reserves but we were faster!

Here are our official photos from 21C Photos:

And this is our after shot with my son completely exhausted:

I was the 8th adult female and he was the 15th child (and possibly beat all others his age!) so a good result. He has agreed to sign up again for next year - join us it can't be any where near as wet.... can it?

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