Saturday 28 June 2014

#CountryKids at Ings village fete and #Juneathon Day 28

No time for a run or decent walk today as it was
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
the vi llage fete in Ings and I was there selling Usborne books! So instead of a formal workout my Juneathon exercise was mostly hauling the boxes of books to and from my car over a stone wall. Believe me its quite a effort to shift this lot twice in one day:

I had tried to pack a healthy picnic to reduce the temptation from all the yummy homemade cakes on sale.. Have to say my duck sushi was rather tasty! My children were each allocated their spends for the afternoon and my son headed straight for the tombola "to try and win you some wine mummy!". What he won on his first attempt really pleased him though even if its a decade before he can use it for its proper purpose:

tombola prize

My daughter had managed to volunteer her services as a glitter tattoo artist on the face painting her stall. Her first victim customer was the vicar:

tattooing the vicar

We all had a fun if slightly chilly 3 hours enjoying the fair. Then there was a prize giving for the Mega Machine competition and my son was highly commended in the infant category:

Apparently my daughter came very close to being the junior winner but was just pipped at the post:

Towards the end of the day I was finally persuaded to purchase a glitter tattoo of a sheep for the princely sum of 20p:

Typically at this point the sun finally tried to break through the clouds but it was too late for the fair! So with a bit of wandering around I ran up a rather small walking total for the day:

Tomorrow is the monthly One Big Fat Run virtual 5 km race. Looks like I will have to attempt 2 laps of the field behind the house as my children want a rest after their busy week...


  1. they are such a good thing for most kids! thanks for hosting

  2. we had a camp in last year and that was about it - so jealous of what they do!


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