Tuesday 17 June 2014

#Juneathon day 17 - a hot day for walking!

No time for serious exercise today with housework before school and my son at Beavers this evening. So I had to make sure I found other ways to complete the Juneathon challenge. It was a hot and sticky day so an hour of housework felt almost as good as an exercise class! All that bending and stretching and moving stuff around must have been good for me.

Then I hit the pavement to walk to work. It was not very comfortable in the heat in my work uniform - think I may have to leave a set at work to change into! The weather did make the river look even calmer as I crossed it:

river Kent, Kendal, Cumbria

At work I found a couple of excuses to get up and away from my desk to run messages across the school site (some days I don't get more than 10 metres away!). This added an extra 0.5 km to my daily total - every bit counts.
After work I needed to pop into town to pick up some essentials. So I did a quick walk into the town centre over the river:

Once I'd got everything I had to walk quite quickly back home in order to be ready to fetch the children from school! I felt like a wet dish rag by the time I got in and had to find some more hot weather friendly clothing. It was a bit of a surprise to see what temperature my car thought it was (it had been sitting on the drive for 8 hours in the sun!):

Not much chance to add further to my total and to be honest the heat and humidity wiped me out! I am one of the few people who doesn't want a scorchio summer I am quite happy with low 20s anything above 25C just zaps all my energy... Just hoping its not too hot tomorrow as I have a tough running session to look forward to...

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