Friday 27 June 2014

#Juneathon Day 27 - An hour non stop run!

Well I surprised myself by finding running for an hour pretty easy (well except for the bit back up the hill to my estate!). I even ran it a bit quicker than on Wednesday as I had more confidence in my ability to go the distance. To complete the run I had to take the path round the back of the hill and then finished in the field behind my house:

I then had a cool down walk which I extended to over 5 minutes just so that my final workout total scraped in to the 10 k zone:

For the workout itself I managed a record for me 8.8 km of running which was all in one go:

So I just need to try and up my pace on race day without being carried away by the super fast runners at the start. Altogether a good Juneathon day!

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