Tuesday 24 June 2014

#Juneathon day 24 - a walk up and run down Craggy

You know I said today was a rest day? Well I decided to make most of an hour of freedom this evening to attempt a run up and around one of the hills in Staveley. The evening was cool but dry so an opportunity not to miss:

River Kent, Staveley
River Kent, Staveley

It's not a long way but boy is it quite a climb as it includes 98 m of ascent over 1.5 km which Strava reckons is category 4 climb! I have to admit that I walked more of this ascent than running it.. but I still was a little faster than my last attempt a year ago and apparently I'm the fastest female on Strava... It's a lovely walk if you don't fancy running it:

Nearly at the top


Once you get to the farm track on the top it seems fairly level (but it isn't!) it was certainly peaceful with only sheep, a rabbit, a butterfly and some birds for company:

Another ascent...

View back the way I had come

Just sheep for company

You keep thinking you are going to get to the super duper down hill but there are plenty of undulations before you get to the gate which marks the start of the homeward leg:

sheep and 5 bar gate
Sheep gatekeeper?

Then you have a wiggly and fast run back down to the river valley and the bottom road. I wasn't going flat out but it was nice to get an extra run in with some different bits:

So that's a female course record for getting up the top.. one that I need to work on making even better..

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