Monday 23 June 2014

#Juneathon Day 23 - I'm melting..

Why is it that sometimes by the luck of the draw your run has to take place at the hottest part of the day? Turns out that this morning from 9:30 was scorchio! I still attempted to complete my 55 minute non stop run from my 10 k runner training programme though I wasn't brimming with confidence as I set off on my warm up walk:

Barley Weir, Staveley
Barley Weir, Staveley

It was pretty warm once I got going but I had taken on board plenty of water before hand and carried some with me. The shady bits of the route were very welcome though! About 40 minutes in to running I started to find it really hard going and had a brief 30 second walk up a slope.... I then decided to try running across the back field to help complete the last 15 minutes. However my body refused to run for more than another 5 minutes I was just too exhausted by this point:

It was such a relief to get inside in the cooler air and I was pretty much melting! I felt a bit down at only going 45 minutes of running then I thought that's the 2nd furthest in my life - not bad really.. More good news was to come when I uploaded the Garmin to Strava:

So I had done my second fastest ever on one leg of the route and hit my target of running another section in less than 12 minutes. Also according to MapMyRun I was 10 seconds faster than I'd ever been going from the Eagle and Child in Staveley to Carus Green golf club. No wonder I was too knackered to run any further!

After a quick turn around I walked slowly to work over the river Kent:

river Kent, Kendal

After work a couple more short walks to the station and then to collect my son from school has given me a very respectable total:

Tomorrow will be a bit of a recovery day as I really pushed myself in the heat today..

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