Wednesday 18 June 2014

#Juneathon Day 18: My longest non stop run ever!

When you look out the window at 8 AM to skies this colour you know its going to be a hot one:

I knew that today's training plan was going to make work hard as I have never reached week 14 on the programme before and so I've never run continuously for the 50 minutes I was due to go:

I had got my son to slather my shoulders and arms in sun block before he went to school (to let him get revenge on me for putting it on him!). Before heading out into the already 20 degree C heat I drank a pint of water and covered my face in factor 30. Turns out that sun cream easily sweats off and isn't very nice in your eyes!

My pace was deliberately slower than it has been as I knew I had a long way to go and that heat saps my body strength quickly. It's hard not to keep on looking to see how long you have to keep on going for... however I had reassuring pace times every kilometre telling me I was doing OK. I was pretty surprised to still feel like I had energy left at the end and didn't find the last ascent back up to my estate too hard. 

Think my post run grin says a lot (funny how the sun cream had vanished in strange patterns!):

Interestingly I covered slightly less distance running than on my last couple of runs but it was a great feeling to get through that 50 minute barrier:

Just need to work out when I'm going to find time for my next training run as life complicated this week..

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