Thursday 9 February 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful XXXVII (#R2BC)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I am writing this under not ideal conditions as my children are both at home off sick and driving me up the wall! So I need to think positive and save my sanity....

1) Friday night fun

One of my neighbours came round this Friday and we shared wine whilst knitting, sewing and nattering. It was great to have some adult company and some quality time without needing babysitters and in the comfort of my own home! Hoping to repeat this maybe with more mummies from my road and friends.

2) Snow weekend

Well the snow finally made it and for once with good timing as it was the weekend. We had lots of fun that I wrote about here. Our little cul-de-sac really comes into its own in these weather conditions as we all get out and the children play together whilst the adults supervise. Its a great way of getting to know everyone much better.

3) Good neighbours

My neighbours with a son at the same school drove my children to school in their 4x4 on Monday when it wasn't nice driving on the snowy roads. We are able to take turns at giving children lifts or baby sitting the youngest who doesn't yet go to school. It makes all our lives at lot less stressful.

4) Treats

A friend is learning massage at Kendal college. She needed a willing victim to practice on this week and I volunteered. It was so relaxing to have a full Swedish massage and just what I needed after the weekend.

5) Photography

I have had lots of praise for my photos on blipfoto and Instagram. Funnily its been the trusty iPhone coming up trumps as I have to remember to take my camera with me..

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  1. Great photos - I especially love the one of your cul-de-sac, I love the way snow makes the light look so unusual.

    Good reasons to be cheerful too - free massage is a brilliant one!

  2. I like your pics too - seen some great ones on an iphone. Anyway read your blog with interest as I wrote one called Reasons to be cheerful in January. Have checked in on a few of the others too. Thanks!

  3. Gorgeous picture of the signpost, wine and good neighbours sounds like a godsend!

  4. Hope the kids get better soon. Love your photos! x

  5. Lovely pictures. Thank god for good neighbours and friends. I was very grateful to a friend this week for taking my daughter to school when I couldn't push te double buggy through the snow/ice!

  6. Wonderful reasons and made me quite envious of your life.

  7. Love the idea of the neighbours in the snow. Lovely pictures too.

  8. What a great neighbourhood you have moved into. I love the idea of that fellowship. Mich x


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