Saturday 4 February 2012

Snow Fun Saturday

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After two very snowy winters my children had been very disappointed that up until today we had only had a tiniest amount of snowfall. You can therefore imagine their excitement when I noticed late morning today that it was actually snowing! It is amazing how quickly children will get all wrapped up when there is some snow to play in... We took a walk into Kendal to do our shopping and to enjoy the snow as we went:

The snow wasn't very deep but the children were determined to roll snow to make a snowman and throw a few snow balls! Needless to say getting off our estate took an awful long time... We eventually made it down to the banks of the River Kent:

By now the snow was falling even heavier and it was an almost total whiteout. Even the swans on the water had snow collecting on their backs:

We spent a few hours in town shopping and having something to eat and by the time we finished the snow had got quite a bit deeper and the path along the river had a pretty good covering:

We managed to get home in time for my son to finally get to try out the Snow Boogie Polar Bear inflatable sledge we were sent before Christmas:

It went really well on the snow and he was pretty comfortable on it. The little slope in our street wasn't a brilliant place to test it as the snow wasn't very deep but once we had crossed over to the steeper hill behind our house it went pretty fast down the slope! It was very light weight for my son to carry on the walk over. 

On the way back my son decided to treat the sledge like a football and kick it along the ground despite me telling him not to. This might explain why when we got back into our street it started deflating and had obviously got a puncture. It is supposedly made of very durable plastic but whether it hit a sharp object or something that was beyond its durability I don't know. The box contained a puncture repair kit so I need to work out where it is damaged and try and repair it. My son was very disappointed that it kept going flat as when it was inflated it went really well on the slopes even doing little jumps. I will let you know if it is repairable..

The snow continued to fall heavily and the adults out supervising the fun collected quite a covering of the white stuff:

In fact it was really hard to get the children back inside and for most it was only tea being ready that dragged them in from their wintry playground:

I wonder what we will wake up to in the morning? 


  1. Great photos! We made a snowman with our neighbours last night, even though we were meant to get our little boy early to bed. I was very excited too as last year snow just meant total chaos in London. This year, it's just fun :)


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