Monday 13 February 2012

Family Fun: Across the Generations

Welcome to week 3 of the Family Fun blog hop. For more details please read the launch page. In the words of a classic 1970s children's TV programme this is about switching off the television and doing something more useful instead!

This week we are looking at the fun you have had with more than 2 generations of your family together. Whether its something with your children's grandparents or its you with your grandchildren. Come in and share (you can grab the code here get the InLinkz code).

I am very lucky that having moved to Cumbria we have 4 generations of the family close by. This means that we are often doing things with at least 3 generations together. This Sunday we had great granny around too and tried to make sure she felt involved with the little ones. Obviously this is harder than it used to be but we had fun doing a magnetic jigsaw together:

There was also a highly competitive game of Super Scrabble. Even my 5 year old joined in and even if he only knows words like C-A-T it means we can all play together.

Obviously when its just 3 generations we can be a bit more active and regularly go hiking or something outdoors. You can see quite a few of these on my blog. If you have done some family fun activities with lots of your family than please join in the blog hop:

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