Tuesday 7 February 2012

Spend Vouchers, Get Rewards!

Like most parents these days I find that with budgets getting tighter it is really great when companies like Tesco give something back for every penny spent on their products. Where I lived before we had a very large Tesco store and I was often to be found in there buying the groceries, clothes or filling up my car. I wish I'd cottoned on to the value of Clubcard points other than reducing my total at the checkout sooner! 

Lots of my friends would talk about how Clubcard Deals had got them family days out to places such as Legoland. This made me look again at saving up my points for something much more fun than a discount on the weekly shop. It didn't take me too long to accrue enough points for us all to head off for a day at Legoland ourselves. 


It was a great use of all that shopping! The return value for a family day was so much better than just taking the voucher as a discount on the groceries. It was ever so easy to get the points built back up as well with a family to feed and a car that drove quite a few miles.

I was a bit more pragmatic next time I saved up points and used them towards my RAC breakdown cover. When you see how much this saves over the actual cost of cover it was a great way to keep my costs down. When special offers come out which double the vouchers it can be an even better deal. Last year I doubled up my vouchers to get myself some more clothes without feeling guilty! 

Just last week I got a warning e-mail to say some of my vouchers were due to expire so I popped on the Tesco website to see what deals I could get. With school holidays coming up and children to entertain I decided to cash all my vouchers in for days out vouchers. With the current deal the value was doubled so this leaves me plenty of options for a day out with my children. There are plenty of venues within an hour's drive of my home to choose from even if we are too far from Legoland these days!

So why not see where your Clubcard Vouchers could take your family this half term?

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