Saturday 18 February 2012

Family Fun: A Hike via the Fairy Steps

This is a story best told in photographs so here I go:

We parked at Heron Corn Mill:

Then we followed footpaths and roads to climb up through woods full of snowdrops:

The footpaths were well signposted so we didn't get lost:

Then we reached the Fairy Steps:

It was very exciting squeezing down the tight path:

A bit tricky for adults with rucksacks on their backs:

Eventually we all made it through:

After walking through more woods we eventually came out above the Kent and Bela estuaries:

These hide quicksand and fast rising tides so beware! Luckily the old railway line is a footpath along part of the shoreline:

We then found a tree so big it took all 5 of us to hug it:

The last stretch of the walk was through the grounds of Dallam Park which is home to a herd of 100 deer (which kept out of camera range). The path is subtly marked across the grass:

We then explored the partially restored Heron Corn Mill. Shame it wasn't in action.

My mum then treated us to coffee and a snack at Beetham Nursery - delicious!


  1. Oh those goorgeous snowdrops !! (popped over form all baby advice)

  2. Wow, some amazing photos, looks like you had a fab time ;)
    Thanks for nominating your post for the Blog Post of the Month ;) Mirka @Kahanka


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