Friday 10 February 2012

LifeCircle 2012: Time Management

Life Circle

This week Kate has had us looking at our Time Management. This something that applies to everyone not just parents but being a single mum I think I need to try and manage time better. 

I use my large family calendar and my iPhone to remind me of tasks that need to be done on a major front or that are out of the house. The day to day tasks and paperwork jobs tend to be done my memory. 

There are certain regular things that take place each week that I have to fit everything else around. This includes my activities as well as well as school runs and children's activities. With these things fixed in time/day of the week it is normally easy to fit other tasks around them.

On days when I have nothing out of the home during the day I get on with jobs around the home such as de-cluttering and re-organising. I am dabbling in the Fly Lady system for fitting in different household chores for each day and timing tasks for 2, 5 or 15 minutes. Shoving a load of laundry in each day helps to keep on top of things.

The fly in the ointment comes when I have a few weeks like the last three when I have poorly children at home. Planned tasks get shelved and other things get forced to top of the list. I had hoped to have the house much more organised before half term but things just haven't worked out that way... So my to do list is there but it hasn't actually got much shorter!

To see if other people are more successful than me please pop over to Kate's blog.


  1. I've been sick over the past couple of weeks and it certainly throws all good intentions and plans out the window. let's hope we can both get back on track next week.

  2. Children have an amazing way to jump to the top of any list when it comes to being poorly.

    We got so use to having to cancel plans or change things significantly because of my son being ill. Now I just shrug when things happen that change my plans.

    I like the idea of timing chores. I've seen it done as the basis of a running schedule instead of mileage because you can plan the rest of your day better.

  3. I actually find that I get more done when I have a long list to get done. It helps me focus a lot more anyway.


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