Tuesday 21 May 2013

#CountryKids Sunny evening in the park

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


The weather has been so awful I thought I wasn't going to get to join in this week! Luckily today was glorious so we headed off for a pre Beavers tea in the park at Staveley:


It was nice to be able to be outside just in short sleeves and enjoying ice cream:


As it was tea time we had the park to ourselves for over half and hour which was bliss! No need to take turns on the equipment:


The fact my son had his shorts on today shows what a nice day we had. I'm even feeling sun burned so need to start remembering the sun cream!

The beavers had their meeting out on the grass so my daughter and I retreated to the neighbouring pub which has a beer garden overlooking the playground and the river. A lovely spot to eat our dinner whilst watching swallows hunt for theirs:



Hope we get some more glorious evenings like this one!



  1. What a perfect evening. We have one like that tonight and I do hope it is here to stay for half term. Great idea to go to the bub while Beevers was on, an idyllic end to the day. Well worth linking up!


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