Friday 3 May 2013

Crosse and Blackwell 4Kids Fruit Pots

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We were sent a Buzz Lightyear lunch box with a set of the new Crosse and Blackwell 4Kids Fruit Pots in for my children to try out now they have gone back to having packed lunches for the summer. There are 6 combinations to choose from so there should be something to suit every taste. Unfortunately I seem to have the fussiest children in the universe and they refused to eat them! Not sure why when they eat jelly and they eat fruit they wouldn't eat the 2 combined...

So it was left to me to tuck into the pots to try them out! Each pot is about 100 calories and includes 1 of a child's 5 a day. They have no artificial preservatives or colours either and I couldn't see any nasty sweetener on the ingredient list.

The pots all have a spoon included which makes them ideal for lunch boxes:

I liked how firm the jelly was compared to some other jelly pots that are gloopy unless put in the fridge first:

The jelly and fruit combinations are very tasty and I certainly wouldn't mind eating them again myself (just need to work on the children!). The only downside was finding a piece of apple with the end of the core still in - this would put most children off!

They are available from Asda for 50p each or Tesco 2 for 65p. At those prices it has to be worth trying to see if your child will eat them! Getting the 5 a day in can be hard work so every little helps.

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