Wednesday 15 May 2013

Weigh in Wednesday week 3

It was time to step up to the scales again today and I thought I had done better this week and was looking pretty confident:

I can see that my face and upper chest are definitely slimming down and I have less blubber on upper body. Unfortunately the scales went the other way and I had gained a couple of pounds! All the running is making me ravenous so I'm not really mindfully eating..

On getting home I dug out the measuring tape to see what tangible evidence I have on slimming down and not just on appearances. It was good to discover that so far I have lost 3 inches even if its just from 1 thigh, my hips and my chest! This is a real boost and I'll just have to look ahead to the next week.

I've managed three more training runs of around 4.6 miles since last week. The length of running and gaps between each run are decreasing so hopefully by Saturday I shouldn't have too much trouble to complete my 10 k! One more training run to go..

Let's hope that I can not overcompensate for all the running and actually see the scales go the other way this week. I won't get out the tape measure for a while but its nice to find clothes fitting better or being too big!

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