Monday 27 May 2013

#CountryKids: Kendal Kite Festival

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

It's hard not to miss when we have a kite festival at Kendal Castle as you can see the kites flying from quite a distance away! We saw the first day from the town so were determined to get up to the top to get closer yesterday. It's a fairly steep climb from the town side of the castle but it was worth it to get to the top:

There was an amazing array of kites of all sizes some tethered to the ground and others being hand flown:

What was good as well was the organisers changed the kites over for variety so you weren't looking at the same ones twice. It was a beautiful sunny day to be up looking over Kendal in the valley. There weren't just things happening on top of the hill either. We went down the other side to give the children's teddies a chance to parachute:

It was a nice simple bit of fun for a £1 per soft toy! Then the children had a go each on the bouncy castle/slide:

After refreshing ourselves with cold drinks and ice lollies we climbed back up to the kites:

Our favourite was the giant gecko:

There was also time to play hide and seek in the ruins of the castle:

The children then got a chance to help steer the Elvis kite that was flying over the castle:

It was hard to get the children down from the castle they were having so much fun! We can't wait for the next kite festival. 

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