Wednesday 8 May 2013

Weigh in Wednesday 2

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This was the first week I've been able to listen to my pods for a whole week without interruption. I have also written down 3 positive things every day to keep myself motivated! This was this week's photograph taken by my daughter tonight:

I've had lots of compliments on my new shape recently and even I can see in this photo that face, shoulders and legs are looking so much better! The slimpods aim to get you to focus on your size not your weight and it is very motivational. I went shopping this weekend and bought a skirt and t-shirt a size smaller than my last clothes shop which was fabulous. I've also managed to get in and fasten up clothes that were too tight.

Even though I look and feel slimmer it was still great to have a 1/2 pound weight loss despite having had a bank holiday weekend of picnics, ice creams and some cold alcoholic beverages to keep me cool. Seeing the scales shift in the right direction is another positive boost.

I have managed 3 long running sessions this week. The first was Thursday when I ran back home after taking my son to school:

I was surprised that the route wasn't actually long enough so I had to add a loop on the end! Also pleased that I ran all the 10 minute runs without a problem.

On Monday my parents took the children geocaching so I could attempt to run back to Kendal from Sizergh Castle. At that point I discovered that a) I struggle to run in the heat and b) its a long steady climb up to Natland:

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The route isn't quite accurate but MapMyRun not saving changes - it was actually more like 9k! So I admit that I did a fair amount of brisk walking but I did run a long way too (especially the nice downhill from Natland!). 

Yesterday despite the heat I again ran home from the school run. This time I added a loop around Staveley to save a loop at the home end. I really struggled as it was so hot and I've learned that I need to take on more water before setting off. I did manage a fair amount of running though:

Tomorrow I am going to try the run again but hopefully it will be a lot cooler so I can do all the running intervals! 

I have found that I am making some more sensible food choices listening to the pods i.e. a lot more fruit and veg but there is still some way to go. The downside of the running is that I am really hungry when I finish so I need to concentrate on drinking more water. So watch this space to see less of me ;-)

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