Wednesday 1 May 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

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It should have been a great time to start my thinking slimmer programme 12 days ago. I was heading into a boot camp and having the drop 2 jean sizes or more and the fitpod tied in nicely with this boost. So it was a shame I lost my footing in circuit training a pulled a muscle! This meant that I was unable to exercise for the next week...

Last Wednesday I did record a loss of 1.5 pounds which was fabulous. This week the combination of lack of exercise and strange eating with my daughter briefly in hospital led to a 1 pound gain.. However I did only start exercising again yesterday so its not a complete disaster. This was me tonight before my aerobics class and weigh in sporting fitness clothes supplied by Debenhams:

I got quite a few compliments wearing it so that's a great boost! I have to say that despite getting really hot and sweaty in class the clothes didn't stick to me and felt really comfortable. Here's hoping that it won't be long before they are too big!

My concentration is now going to be on my fitness as when I exercise regularly it:

  • makes me feel positive
  • helps me tone up
  • gets me healthier

So I am glad that yesterday I managed to run for a longer total number of minutes (50) even if my pace was slower than normal:

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Tomorrow I am getting sorted out with a better pair of running shoes as I think I have proved that its not just a passing phase! If my sore foot is better I will first of all run home after taking my son to school - I would like to say that he has challenged me to do this after all its only 5 miles... This time I will remember the sun cream as I got sun burned on Tuesday!

Making use of my Tesco clubcard vouchers and discount codes I got myself a good deal on a Garmin Forerunner 10 as a bonus Tesco have donated £5 to Cancer Research UK from the sale! Shame I have to wait until next week for it to be delivered..

So its onwards and downwards with the focus on slimming down and getting fit and hopefully the scales will follow suit..

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