Monday 20 May 2013

Toy Review: Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

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We were sent a Character Building Scooby Doo Mystery Machine to review. We have had small items from Character Building before so were looking forward to seeing what the Scooby Doo set was like. My daughter and her friend set to constructing the mystery machine:

They didn't seem to have too much difficulty once we worked out that the parts already constructed were greyed out on the instructions:

Trouble arouse when her friend managed to snap the axle on one set of wheels whilst fiddling with it. Luckily a replacement part was sent for free. We were then able to finish the construction of the vehicle and try playing with it:

The idea is that you flip it open and Mystery Inc have the own operations centre inside:

The problem we found was that everything seemed to fall apart when we tried to fasten it back shut again! I also managed to snap off the radio antenna with the side of the van.. My daughter wouldn't play with it as she got sick off having to rebuild it.

Her brother loved playing with the motorbike, Fred and Scooby Doo that came with the set:

The set was fun to build but it didn't stand up to being played with. It would look nice on a shelf though! 

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