Friday 7 September 2012

Friday Review: Craft Party - Treasure Box Party

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We were sent this craft party in a box to try out and review. It's a simple idea to have everything you need to entertain up to six children in a box. Seems like a great idea for a birthday party. My 8 year old was quite keen to open it up and see what was inside:

The kit has 6 boxes, brushes and paint pots plus stick on jewels. Usefully the instructions advised on how many jewels each child could use. All we needed to do was spread some newspaper and get some water to clean the brushes. Then we followed the clear instructions to start decorating our boxes:

Once we were happy with our jewels it was time to paint around them:

We were both fairly pleased with our final treasure chests:

Of course you need treasure for your chest so the kit also includes a bracelet making kit:

These were really simple to thread the beads on but the elastic thread was very hard to knot off as my knots wouldn't stay tied! My daughter seemed pleased with her final bracelet though:

The kit has an RRP of £19.99 making it a great value party entertainment. In fact we have saved 4 boxes for my daughter's birthday next month!

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