Friday 14 September 2012

Toys R Us Toylogists - Review 1

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Opening our first Toyologists' box was a bit like Christmas come early in our house! Lots of lovely toys to look and and try and hard to know where to start... This is what we have tried out so far:

Peppa Pig Giant Snakes and Ladders

This Peppa Pig game is the biggest version of snakes and ladders I’ve played indoors and you can see its scale based upon my 8 year old’s hand in the photo. For a small child this is definitely giant and if it had been bigger it wouldn’t have fitted in our front room (which isn’t huge!).

This was very easy to set up:

  1. open box
  2. unfold mat
  3. place counters and dice ready
The larger size counters and dice make it easier to handle for younger children than traditional sized games (and are less easy to lose). The squares contain all of Peppa’s family and nice big numbers for learner readers.

There aren’t a huge number of squares so the game went quite quickly. This would help with the attention span of small children. Being able to play on the floor is also a bonus as the dice doesn’t get over enthusiastically rolled off the table. At £9.97 its a reasonable price for a game that can be taken any where as its all made of plastic and light and easy to transport.

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch

My son got hooked on Ben 10 aged 3 despite having never seen an episode! I had to buy him a DVD of a few episodes to meet the demand… He was therefore most keen to get this Omnitrix out of the packaging. He had had a different Omnitrix a couple of Christmases a go so he knew exactly what to do with this one.

I did struggle to fasten it on his wrist as the plastic is so new but my daughter had no problem fastening it on herself. Maybe she was less afraid of pinching than I was!

The Omnitrix comes with 3 modes:

  • Alien voices
  • Sound effects
  • Unlock secret messages

This little video demonstrates my daughter trying out the settings:

Each part of the touch sensitive screen brings up a different alien in the voices mode. To use the code mode you need a specially marked pack of Ben 10 products which each have a code. We didn’t have any to try out.

Both my children enjoyed trying to get different sounds and flashing lights from the display. I was quite relieved they both knew where the OFF button was! This is definitely something my son would love to show off to his friends and if you have a big Ben 10 fan in your home then this would be a good addition to their collection.

Ravensberger My First Clock game

It was great timing to receive this My First Clock Game as both my 5 year old and my 8 year old are keen to either learn to tell the time or to improve on their use of analogue instead of digital time telling. The game is aimed at ages 4-9 and has games that suit the whole age range.

The game was quick to set-up with a pop together pair of hands and cards that pop out to play. We set out playing the middle level game where you read the digital time out to the next person who has to try and set the hands of the clock at the right position.

My 8 year old was the best of this at this game even beating me as I forgot about putting the hour hand half way to the next hour! This level of the game is definitely for those that already know something about telling the time, although my 5 year old could read out the numbers.

For the younger players the entry level game involved putting different time cards into the right order. Then they have to say what happens at that point during the day.

There is another advanced level that we haven’t moved onto yet. This one probably needs to be played between children of a similar standard as its more of a free for all than a taking turns game.

At £6.99 this is a great addition to a family’s games cabinet. My children were very keen on it and I’m sure we will get a lot of play out of it whilst my children are learning through fun.

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