Thursday 27 September 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful: Letter S ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
With an S prompt from Michelle here I go: 

1) Son's School Work

My son seems to have really got into year 1 with enthusiasm. His new teacher is really impressed that he can already do year 2 maths work (he answered the older children's homework!). Reading is something he loves doing and he is progressing well. Today he brought home his first spellings and I was very pleased that he managed to use the look - say - cover - write method and managed most of his first 5 without having a sneaky peek:

2) Singing Praises

It's always brilliant to hear good things about your children. A teacher told me this week how much more mature my daughter seems after the summer break. Great to see that the staff have noticed and let's hope she continues to mature in a pleasant way. She has also been praised by her keyboard teacher and the sensei at Jujitsu (little brother also doing well there).


3) Swinging in the sunshine

It's not been a total washout this week. We had some glorious weather at the weekend and we were out making the most of it:





  1. Well done on the spelling :) the copy and cover technique is something we use too! Glad to hear you had sunshine x

  2. Oooh well done to your children that's fab that they are doing so well at school xxx
    Wishing for sunshine too xxxx

  3. Fab that your kids are doing so well and your little one is thriving in year one. What a clever lad x

  4. well done kids! keep up the good work my youngest got first spellings last week too! Glad you got out between the rian :)

  5. Sounds like you should be a very proud mum! X

  6. Lovely reasons to be cheerful! Well done to your kids for doing so well at school :)


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