Wednesday 19 September 2012

Flab Fighters Week 2


As so many of us are flab fighting at the minute I thought I would create a linky for us all to help encourage each other! So each week on a Wednesday join in and get support and encouragement. Just let us know:

  • What you aiming to achieve (general weight loss, drop a dress size)
  • What you doing to get there (diet, fitness etc.)
  • What you did right this week
  • What you did wrong this week
  • How its going so far
I'll be putting a badge in that you can use on your posts and putting the linky on each week. Let's fight that flab and get nice and slim!

To kick it off this is my entry:

My aims

I would like to lose another 2.5 stone and drop about 1.5 dress sizes whilst getting my BMI to a healthy level.

What I did right this week

I made it to the gym several times even when I just had 30 minutes for a reduced workout. At Rosemary Conley I did the top level 3 fitness routine which gets a real sweat on! When eating out on Sunday I chose healthier and lower fat options off the menu.

What I did wrong

I didn't get on the Wii very much at all. I also made poor menu choices at a pub on Friday. Plus I had a little bit too much wine over the entire weekend. There were not enough days that I kept to my calorie limit from Rosemary Conley.

How it went

I was lucky to get away with only gaining 1/2 a pound. Next week I need to stick much closer to the calorie limit and get exercising more again!

How have you done?

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  1. good goals to aim for, losing weigh. its really hard work for some, i am sure you will get there

  2. If you're friends with me on Facebook you can't see exactly how I'm gettin on as the chart belows my CoverPhoto ... So no hiding progress there.

    (The reason for the dotted line is due to an injury which literally forced me off my feet - but I'm back again now - if unable to get out walking still.)

    PS: Orange line is max healthy BMI, green is 'supposed' perfection.

  3. Good luck Dan! Hope we inspire each other


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