Tuesday 11 September 2012

Tuesday Review: Sylvanian Families Camper Van

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To celebrate the 25th birthday of Sylvanian families we were sent a camper van and a family to test out and review. I have to admit to being too old to have had my own collection of these figures but my younger neighbours did!

My children were really delighted to see what was in the box. We would love a real vintage camper van but this may be the closest we can get. It definitely has a real retro look which we all loved.

It didn't take long for my daughter to set it all up with a fitted kitchen and even books and games for the children to play:

It made a great little adventure and really fired up their imaginations. The toy is aimed at boys and girls aged 4-7 and it did seem to appeal to both of mine. If your child already has Sylvanian families then this would be a lovely addition to their set. The RRP is £39.95 but it is well made and looks great quality.

In our case this is our first Sylvanian toy so the family was needed to play with it. The cat family come for around £18 and have moveable limbs. They are very cute to look at.

A delightful set to own and play with.


  1. Very cute.

  2. we drive one of these in real life - you are so very lucky to get this toy - can't find one in Canada :(

  3. It's v new here so I'm sure it Will be there soon!


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