Tuesday 4 September 2012

Back to school again!

For me school went back last week but for my children it's the morning. It's been a very busy summer and it seems to have gone so fast. Yes the weather wasn't brilliant but we had some good fun times as a family of 3 or with my parents.

But now it is time to get back into a routine of school and work and everything else that goes with normal family life. The school shoes are polished, uniform already to go, PE bags packed and book bags all to hand. Both my children are looking forward to their new classes and teachers.

There school is quite a small one so each year the class structure is different. My son will be changing from an all Reception class where he was in the middle age wise to a mixed year 1 and 2 class where he will be the second youngest. Hopefully he will cope well with the transition from Foundation stage to Keystage 1 and carry on being enthusiastic about learning.

My daughter is one of the few from her year group that will be moving into the next classroom and a year 4 and 5 class. She is also going to be one of the youngest which will be first for her being an October birthday. This is the first time at this school she will not be in the same class as the whole of the year group. Hopefully being with older children will be an advantage for her.

As for me this I am learning how a new school year at a large secondary school feels like! I am also trying to squeeze in some much needed exercise time to kick start my weight loss before my birthday next month... Let's hope I am more successful than I have been for the last few months...

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