Monday 3 September 2012

Monday review: Stabilo pens for back to school

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In preparation for going back to school we were sent some Stabilo products to try out. First up are the Stabilo Cappi pens:

Such a clever idea to keep them on a ring so that it's almost impossible to lose the lids! It also means its easy to grab the set for using together. The actual pens are felt tips and are the good quality you would expect from Stabilo. They also have a triangular grip so that writing is neater. The retail set has 12 pens and prices start at £3.94. I may well be looking to complete the set!

Next up the trio 2 in 1:

As the name suggests they are 2 pens in 1 with thick and thin tips at opposite ends. This is a neat idea for a multi purpose pen to save space. They are sold as packs of 10 from £4.

Finally for my 5 year we were sent some woody 3 in 1 pencils:

These are nice and chunky for novice writers to practice motor skills with. These can be used as pencils, crayons or watercolours. Again they come in a pack of between 6 and 18 pencils. Prices from £6.99. My son certainly enjoyed using them.

Stabilo may not be the cheapest pens around but they are such good quality it's worth paying a little bit more when stocking up on school supplies.

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