Wednesday 26 September 2012

Flab Fighters Week 3


As so many of us are flab fighting at the minute I thought I would create a linky for us all to help encourage each other! So each week on a Wednesday join in and get support and encouragement. Just let us know:

  • What you aiming to achieve (general weight loss, drop a dress size)
  • What you doing to get there (diet, fitness etc.)
  • What you did right this week
  • What you did wrong this week
  • How its going so far
I'll be putting a badge in that you can use on your posts and putting the linky on each week. Let's fight that flab and get nice and slim!

What I did right this week

I made it to the gym several times including once whilst the children had a martial arts class. At Rosemary Conley I did the top level 3 fitness routine which gets a real sweat on! I stayed pretty close to my calorie allowance and drank very little alcohol.

What I did wrong

The Wii wasn't switched on at all which wasn't good. I finished off the children's leftovers a couple of times which is an old bad habit I thought I'd lost.

How it went

I ended up the same weight as last week. I feel a lot more muscular though so this may be reducing the weight loss (well I can hope!).

How have you done?


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