Thursday 28 October 2010

Trick or Treat?

Do you find the thought of children knocking on your door on the 31st of October a pleasure or a frightening thought?

I have been known to either go elsewhere on the night or turn off all the lights and pretend I'm not in!

On my estate we have been issued with a poster we can put up in our window if we are willing to receive door knockers. Advice has been issued warning youngsters that throwing flour and water at houses is potentially a criminal offence.

As yet my children have never gone trick or treating. I'm hoping that this year they can be introduced safely in our little close just with neighbours that we know. They are already excited and tried on their costumes tonight:

What are you doing this Sunday?


  1. My teo have never been trick or treating either. Maxi is scared of all the dressing up and he really doesnt like the whole thing. Mini loves dressing up and would love it, but we always go to my blothers Halloween party instead.

  2. I would be quite happy to send my two but OH doesn't believe in the American tradition!
    I normally hide with lights off - as I normally forget to get sweets in - one year I gave out oranges which the mums were happy with but the children weren't!

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  4. My girls are going for the first time too - the boys never went at all. I resisted it for fifteen years but the shops are SO full of things it's hard to hide it all from them both.
    They have costumes and we shall be venturing cautiously around a very small area. I do have sweets in to give out this year for the first time too. Am treating it as just some thing to brighten the dreary days!


  5. Being in the US we are going t a trick or treat street party. A couple of streets go all out and about 500 kids and adults parade up the street. Great fun! We used to trick or treat on our street back home in the UK when we were kids, 30 years ago, I'm surprised it hasn't caught on more widely by now. Mind you, here in the US the trick has completely vanished; no vandalism or anything. Ettiquete is the You only go to a house decorated with pumpkins etc, and they give you candy. One never knocks on a plain house!


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