Friday 22 October 2010

Half Term: heaven or hell?

Schools in Scotland are coming to the end of theirs, Northern Ireland are half way through a fortnight break and English schools are about to start a week off (what is happening in Wales?). Is this Autumn break a heaven or hell for parents?

The children certainly need a break from school after being back at school since the end of the summer holidays. They are tired and need to recharge their batteries. But what about parents?

For those of us currently not working its a chance to have a few lie ins and not have the craziness of the school run for 5 days. More time to spend with our children enjoying the pleasures that Autumn can bring:

On the downside the pre-school children who are used to having a parent to themselves whilst older siblings are at school have to share all day. This can quite often result in conflict! Finding ways to entertain the whole family without breaking the bank (especially if the weather isn't good) can really test a parent's endurance..

For working parents, unless they get school holidays off (which I used to do), finding either some leave or someone else to have the children can be a logistical or financial nightmare. If there is an affordable local holiday club then that is fantastic. Even better if the grandparents can be roped in for free to have the children from 9-5. Some people may be lucky and have friends who will take turns having the children in return for you hosting theirs for a day or two.

How do you cope with a week or 2 of the children off school? I have to admit I'm looking forward to spending more time with my daughter but I'm also hoping to get some me-time too!

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  1. Wales are now on week half term - which would be great but I'm in work!!! And then when I come home OH and kids will have wound themselves up!!


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