Sunday 17 October 2010

How to cheat at children's birthday cakes!

I had considered making a cake from scratch this year having bought them last year, but knew it would be quite stressful to do 2 for the one party, so I bought a couple of Victoria Sponge mixes from Morrisons. It's a simple case of adding egg and whisking.... 25 minutes in the oven later I had some reasonable looking sponge cakes:

A quick spread of the included raspberry jam:

Grab some Betty Crocker chocolate coating, stir and apply:

Add some toppings to suit kids choice:


Finally add the candles, light and sing Happy Birthday:

It did taste pretty good too ;-)


  1. It's not cheating if it looks like that. Well done!

  2. All I did was mix as per instructions then put a ready made topping on! Have done from complete scratch before and did a castle with 2 different cakes layered, homemade bitter cream icing and ice cream cone turrets.... took hours...


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