Sunday 3 October 2010

Sunday Review: Asda and Morrisons Cafes

Being the disorganised person I am I've had to sample both the Asda and Morrisons cafes in Kendal during the last month. I have to admit they were a big contrast and I will only be choosing to eat in one of them again! Coffee is fine in both but hot meals were a different matter.

So first up Asda, my initial impression was that the menu looked good and the hot food on display appeared delicious. There was a small menu on the way in that gave the children's options as well as the main menu. The food on offer was child friendly with a choice of potato accompaniment and vegetable plus a drink but this was not fruit juice.

On ordering I was told that the adult food was served immediately but children's food was cooked to order. This is really not an ideal combination as your hungry child has to watch you eat whilst waiting for theirs. The fact that my food had been sitting on the hot food counter meant that it didn't taste as good as it having been cooked fresh. 

Why they don't have children's food ready to go and adult done fresh I don't know as that would be a better way round or do both the same. Basically not impressed and will only go for coffee and cake in future.

Next up Morrisons, the cafe was larger than at Asda and had several large menus on the way in. As it was Sunday lunch time there was a long queue but the Morrisons' solution to this is to have a Hot Food Order point at the entrance. 

My children again had a choice of kiddie friendly food with options on potato accompaniment and peas or beans. The meal came with a Capri Sun drink, a Freddo chocolate bar, fruit snack pack and an activity pack. (There were also a couple of adult meals offered as half portions for kids with no extras). As soon as they had been handed the Freddo and activity park my children headed off for a table and were quite happy waiting for me to finish queuing to pay. 

The food was all cooked to order so there was quite a wait but the children managed to eat their chocolate bars as a starter and drew in their activity books. The freshly cooked food tasted better than being prepared in advance. We all enjoyed our meal though the kids didn't want their fruit snack packs (safely taken home for another day). My daughter even managed to get a member of staff to provide her with a glass of tap water.

So on the whole I would go back to Morrisons but not Asda for a hot meal. It was healthier, nicer and if you don't go on a Sunday lunch time it's probably not too long a wait!

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  1. There's always lots of choice in Morissons café and I've always found it to be child friendly. It's got a lot better recently. I remember the days when it was nothing but a greasy spoon! The coffee used to be dreadful!

    If we go in asda café we tend to have a cake and let Kidder pick from the kiddie lunch box section.

    I hate these places at a weekend though. Holy cow, it's dreadful!

    Becca x


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