Tuesday 5 October 2010

In Memoriam Hastings Pier

It was shocking news to wake up to that some idiots had set fire to Hastings Pier over night and that the fire brigade couldn't put it out. The pier was an iconic part of the Hastings sea front since 1872 and even though it had been closed for safety in 2006 it still dominated the view.

The terrible thing is that the council were about to compulsorily purchase it and money was being raised to restore public access by making it safe. The night before the Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust had held a meeting to call for plans on what to do with the pier once the council had bought it! Maybe that is why some young men thought it would be a good idea to throw a spanner in the works and burn it down? As they have been arrested it will be interesting to see why they did it.

This is how I will remember the pier:

Hoping and praying that the Phoenix can rise from the ashes and that Hastings can once again have a pier for locals and tourists alike to enjoy


  1. I think what makes these stories even more sad is that someone is directly responsible. How someone can have the nerve to burn down the heart of a community like that disgusts me. I find looking at Brightons west pier so sad and I guess this may end up being the same sadly. Fingers crossed they do rebuild it!

  2. I'm so sad for you dear. I've never had the joy of visiting but I know it must be heartbreaking for those who live near.

    It's just not OK is it. Little buggars.

    Here's to hoping they rebuild it honey.

    Becca xx


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