Sunday 31 October 2010

An Alternative to Hallowe'en

In a follow up to my Trick or Treat post here's what we actually did!

I had every intention of taking the children for their first ever trick or treating (despite the fact I've never been a fan!). However I decided instead to take up my church's offer of a Bright Lights party for primary aged children. It was a great way of avoiding having the entire neighbourhood knocking on your door whilst the kids have fun.

With Hallowe'en being an overtly pagan festival it's also a way of keeping to our Christian principles and celebrating All Saints Eve to remember those who have gone before. So as well as fun and games, food and fireworks there was a Christian message. Not sure how much my two children took in of this - although my daughter at 7 was upset she couldn't dress as a witch or devil for the party!

glowsticks for Jesus
Spiderman at the altar
After we left we got home there was a paddy from my daughter when I explained it was too late (18:45) to start out trick or treating. She was allowed to change into her witch's costume whilst I lit the pumpkin to put in the window:

She was then put in charge of dispensing goodies to the few people that bothered to come down our street and try for a treat! Next year I hope to repeat the party route as being home alone on Hallowe'en with all and sundry knocking on the door...

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