Monday 1 November 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

Bath time tonight threw up some of those interesting questions and statements that can completely throw a parent completely.

Having girl and a boy they have obviously been aware for a while that their bodies are different from each other. My son from about aged 2 assumed that his sister had a "willy" too. I decided to tell both children that on a girl its a "clitoris". This caused them much amusement especially when my son solemnly informed granny what it was called.

The difference between the function of these parts seems to have passed them by until tonight. My son was still convinced that his sister could use hers to wee just like him. Tonight as he was using the loo he again expressed this conviction and I had to say no that girls wee from a hole further round. Then my daughter asked the killer question:

So mummy if I don't wee from my clitoris what is it for?

Response from mummy:

Er, well I don't think it does anything....

Well not really going to explain that one to a 7 and 3 year old... already had issues when my son discovered how much fun it can be to have a willy!

Then my son adds to the conversation:

Daddy has a bigger willy than me

My daughter then pipes up:

I bet God has a really big willy as he is the biggest thing in the world....

Children do come out with some killer statements - what have yours said to make you die of embarrassment or laugh out loud?


  1. Oh that did give me a good giggle! LOL

  2. Great post and it did make me laugh. Most cringeworthy moment for me? My eldest was 6 when I had his baby brother many, many years ago. Number 1 was very concerned about how the baby would come out and was concerned that the doctor would cut his mummy.

    He understood that I didn't have a 'jonny' (his word) and I explained the baby would come from my place.

    Cue parents evening a few months later and son's diary entry for the new baby's birthday. Entry, 'my mummy had a baby brother for me today'. There was also a very good picture of me in a bed, knees up and a babies head appearing from between my legs..........


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