Thursday 4 November 2010

Rain rain go away

and come again another day! I know you don't move to the Lake District for 365 days of sunshine but I think the last few days of rain are even getting to the locals...

It just seems that the rain is never going to stop and the rivers are getting higher and the roads are flooding. My son thought it was great when mummy had bow waves coming off the car as I drove through some of them today - mummy wasn't quite so happy in my low slung Skoda! Lots of children are hoping that school will be off tomorrow if more rain comes down and the rivers burst their banks.

Looking at the forecast its hard to tell whether the weather is letting up enough to stop more floods:

The weekend looks more promising but looks like the rain will be back next week:

No-one wants a repeat of the dreadful floods of 2009 with the impact of those still being felt 12 months on. There are flood warnings in force and I'm really glad I'm high enough above the river to be feeling secure. Other people will be having sleepless nights trying to ensure that their homes, families and animals are safe.

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