Tuesday 30 November 2010

The Co-operative Membership Fund

The Cooperative Membership Fund

The Co-operative Community Fund is looking for people to carry out positive work in the community.

The Co-operative Community Fund is a grant scheme, which helps local communities throughout the UK. Thousands of clubs, community groups and local charities have benefited. Please see accompanying videos, photos etc.
The scheme is funded by generous members of The Co-operative donating some of their share of profits, which is then given away in the form of small grants. This year The Co-operative Members have donated £1.2 million to local community groups across the country. To qualify for a grant projects must address a community issue, provide long term benefit to the community, support co-operative values and principles & be innovative
The Co-operative has real values and true commitments, not just empty corporate mission statements. When we claim something, it's true. When we commit to change, we make it happen.
There are some great stories happening in local communities and The Co-operative supports those stories and helps them to happen.
This campaign really demonstrates our core co-operative values of giving back to the communities that we serve.

What is The Co-operative Community Fund?
The fund is made up of donations from our members who have chosen to give a percentage of their twice-yearly share of the profits. This year The Co-operative Members have donated £1.2 million to local community groups across the country
The Community Fund is a registered charity and is governed by The Co-operative Community Investment Fund (CCIF). This board of trustees are responsible for ensuring funds to projects are given in line with the Charities Commission guidelines.
The Co-operative Community Fund operates on a truly local level.  The money each region has to give is the money that members have donated in their area. Projects are allocated by postcode..
Grants vary from a minimum of £100 to a maximum of £2,000.
Groups have to apply for the funding – application form is available on our website.

If you think your group fits the following criteria:

- To be successful a group must:

  • Carry out positive work in the community (it does not have to have charitable status to apply)
        And the project must:

  • Address a community issue

  • Provide a long-term benefit to the community

  • Support co-operative values and principles

  • Ideally be innovative in its approach
       Then look for the application form here The Cooperative Membership Fund
 There must be something up here in the Lakes that we could get sponsorship for? People say that there is much for teenagers up here so maybe  there is something we could do about that? Could we get young people involved more with the older generation who can feel isolated especially with the severe weather in winter.
Share some ideas on here and maybe we can put something together or if you have a project already then please apply now The Cooperative Membership Fund

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