Monday 22 November 2010

Lucky Lady

I really can't believe what a lucky lady I am this week as I've won not one but two random draws on blogs! This follows on from a previous win at Beckicklesie.

Some of the blogs have fabulous prizes on offer at the minute often merely for following them and leaving a comment! It's certainly helped my Christmas budget and may even help out with birthday presents in 2011 too...

My first lucky draw was from the wonderful Tim at Bringing Up Charlie from whom I have won Fun and Games for the 21st Century Family:

My son will be wrapping that up to give me for Christmas this year now to save him his pocket money. Sounds like it will provide us with plenty of entertainment for years to come.

Then today I nearly did a Gillian when I saw that I was the lucky winner of Erica at Little Mummy's mega Argos Christmas Giveaway. This was such a fabulous selection of toys that I'm going to save the main prize (Vtech Storio) for my son's birthday next year as I've told the kids I'm not getting big presents for Christmas this year on my limited budget!

So thank you to Tim, Steve and Simon for the book - can't wait to use it! And to Erica and Argos for helping to fill my children's stockings this Christmas.

I'm off now to enter some more competitions.... hope my luck holds and maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?

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